RED JAG RECORDS presents LUCY WEBSTER Lover of words music and ok, postcards & chocolate! Three days before the end of 1996 Lucy felt the desire to go to an open mic night at a local coffeehouse. She'd never done anything like that before. All she knew was she HAD to go! That's all it took, action. When you feel your spirit tugging- you must listen. Your heart will always show you the way you're suppose to go. Since then Lucy hasn't stopped on her new musical journey. She'd always loved music since a child, and played the piano by ear. At a summer camp one year when she was 13 Lucy saw a girl playing a guitar- like a magnet she was drawn to it. When she went home she asked her folks for one. They took her to Sears and bought a guitar along with a Peter Paul & Mary songbook. She stayed up till midnight learning the song, Puff the Magic Dragon. Four years later near Christmas Lucy's dad took her to a music store where she picked out a guitar, one she still has and plays and has lovingly nicknamed Scarface. January 1997 Lucy started playing out more. Her husband John asked her one day if she'd like to have a new roof for their house or make a CD? She picked the CD and to this day she's had no regrets. Lucy and John started learning the music business from the ground up. We've done everything by the seat of our pants. We're still learning. We’ll always be learning. That's the way we like it too. IN MY OPINION her first CD was released in November 1997. Well received Lucy’s new adventure took off. Often compared to a younger Joni Mitchell in her writing and alternate guitar tunings....yet the sound was all Lucy! *Lucy was one of 14 chosen to be a finalist for the 1998 Lilith Fair in Pontiac MI. *Acoustic Cafe a renowned radio program out of Ann Arbor MI featured her along with 4 others in a segment titled " Some of the Best Un-signed Artists in The Country". *Lucy's had the joy and pleasure to open for Lynn Miles, Johnsmith, Jennifer Kimball, Jude, Brooks Williams, Peter Mulvey, Straight Ahead, Jack Williams, Mustards Retreat, Don White and Joan Osborne. *Check her out on Taylor Guitars "Discover The Indies" website. *Lucy was one of 30 finalists to compete in the Minnesota New Folk Songwriting Contest in September 2001. *In April 2002 she guest hosted Pam Rossi’s folk show “Over Easy” on WCSX 94.7 Detroit MI-and got to interview finger style guitarist Alex de Grassi. *Brooks Williams and Jan Krist are friends who make special guest appearances. Three and a half years after IN MY OPINION Lucy's second CD titled KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED was released. It was worth the wait. Friend Richard Fox- “Foxy” from MA told Lucy "I really like your new CD, songwriting shows growth". It's a bit of a departure from my first disc but we grow or should grow as writers. All songs are are open journals of where we're at. It has more instruments, varies from pop to rock to folk to country....I don't write in just one style. It's a good mix! I know that my time is now to be doing what I'm doing. My husband is very supportive and we work to find gigs together, share with the driving. He's my sound guy, so it's wonderful to have him along with me doing this. We've met so many great folks, it's just amazing. I'm thankful for friends who are supportive and believe in me too. They keep me going.     A favorite verse of Lucy's says I will set my ear to catch the moral of the story and tell on the harp how I read the riddle.