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Eric B  Minor7th  October 2001

Lucy Webster "Keeping My Fingers Crossed", Red Jag RJR4701, 2001 Lucy Webster's "Keeping My Fingers Crossed" is a whole lot better than 99% of what's played on the radio these days. Of course, the litmus test of that is merely to be musically more profound than Britney Spears… Webster of course easily does that with a polished style sounding very much like Carly Simon, especially on "Leave" and "When it Comes Down to It". She's joined by Brooks Williams on acoustic slide guitar on the wistful "Hard Life", which along with "The Next Best Thing" are haunting forays into poignant balladeering, Webster's apparent forté. There's no reason Lucy Webster shouldn't already be tremendously successful in the adult contemporary market except for the fact that it's a very crowded field

Michigan Bands .com   Chief Editor   August 2001

Michigan Bands News Lucy Webster, a folk singer/songwriter from Walker, Mi. whose just released her sophomore effort "Keeping My Fingers Crossed," has been listed as a finalist in The New Folk Songwriting Contest. Webster is listed as #10 in the top thirty finalists for her songs "Cleansed" and "God's Pupil."
Webster was also honored on the nationally syndicated radio show, Acoustic Cafe in 1999 as '(one) of the best unsigend artists in America' and a finalist in the Lilith Fair talent search in 1998. Read more about LUCY WEBSTER and look for more news and reviews of this talented singer/songwriter on Michiganbands.com.